Why we’re giving away our business. DesignGel’s pay-it-forward business strategy.

It probably doesn’t sound like a good business strategy to just give someone your business right? 

We’ve put a lot of work into building DesignGel, so it’s worth explaining where we’re coming from here when we say that we’re looking for a team of emerging designers and entrepreneurs to take over the reins as directors of our business.

Over the past 5 years, DesignGel has been handed down through three generations of university students and graduates who have each contributed to how the business has developed. We now want to give that opportunity to the generation of emerging designers, and pay it forward with the same support and mentoring that we received when we took on the challenge.

As an opportunity I never expected, I’ve truly enjoyed my experience as co-director of DesignGel. Because of the actions of one concussed design student back in 2011 (another story for another time) I’ve had the chance to learn so much and meet so many fantastic, passionate people. 

It’s a little hard to let go, but both my co-director and I are now ready to move on to the next stage of our careers. We’re stoked that we’re moving on to awesome new positions, but we want to ensure that DesignGel can continue to grow under new guardianship.

DesignGel belongs in the hands of young designers who know what’s needed to support students and graduates as they venture into the industry. 

It’s an open call for any group or individual to apply to become directors of DesignGel. We need people who are passionate about helping young designers succeed. We’re not looking for vastly experienced people, just those with motivation and enthusiasm, who believe in our mantra of small helping small. If you’re interested in finding out more about what the position entails have a look on our careers page here.